Half Way There

Making it to the halfway point in 2017 provides us with a great opportunity to reflect on the first half of 2017 and see what we have accomplished. For some, you won’t believe the amount of life you have been able to pack into half a year, filled with mostly good things, but probably some bad as well. For others, it’s just hot and hard to think right now.  Either way, we are all saying the same thing this time of year: I can’t believe it’s July already.
For me, the first half of the year was a series of highs and lows. Our business continues to experience rapid growth, which brings mostly positives but also some fresh challenges. Keeping our level of service at an elite level while staying one step ahead of the rapidly evolving personal finance and investment markets is our continuous focus.
On the downside, I lost two of my favorite, and longest tenured clients at the beginning of the year. As my business grows and my clients mature (notice how I didn’t say you are getting old), this regrettably happens with more frequency. The loss is a part of life and business, but it is also an opportunity to make sure we are doing everything in our power to ensure our client’s financial affairs are in order, and that financial stress is not a part of the equation for the surviving spouse.
It is at this time of year when I am reflecting on what has gone right, and what hasn’t gone so well that I like to ask myself a few questions to end the year strong. Okay, maybe this isn’t an annual exercise yet, but if it works, it will be moving forward.

What have I accomplished this year?
You don’t need to run a marathon or learn a new language to make your year a success, but you do need to do something. Whether you finally finished that home improvement project or learned how to login to your Charles Schwab account, counting up the small victories will help you build momentum for the second half of the year.
Who have I been meaning to call? We all have a list in our head of 3-4 people we wish we spoke with more often. Pretty soon the year is halfway over, and we haven’t contacted anyone besides those we see on a regular basis. Summer is busy, but make random July phone calls part of your new Summer routine. Even if you leave a message, the other person will know that you care (and you can transfer the guilt of not calling over to them).
What could I do without? I’m not about to embrace this new "minimalist" trend and get rid of all of my possessions except a toothbrush and toaster, however as I look around my house certainly have enough stuff to keep a thrift store running for months. If you decide to tour your home for items you don’t need anymore, here is a hint: if you haven’t physically touched it in over a year, you don’t need it. Sell it on Craiglist, give it to charity, use it for target practice, it doesn’t matter. Decluttering our lives and letting others use the "stuff" we have acquired always feels good.
What is the point of this exercise?  
It’s very simple: you deserve a guilt-free summer this year. Read books, visit family, take a walk. Do not stress about things in your life that you can fix with a phone call.
If you drop in on us this summer, you may catch the team in flip-flops, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work ensuring your money is achieving it’s highest and best purpose.  As always, we appreciate your business and let us know how we can be of assistance.
Have a great Summer!

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